Securing capital at
the speed of business

Business is complicated; but securing capital doesn't have to be.

Our simple approach to lending offers greater flexibility, no covenants, competitive pricing and a turnaround far quicker than traditional banks. AFS understands there's more to your business than just numbers, that's why we take the time to get to know you and your unique needs in order to tailor funding that supports your company's growth objectives.

Let us help you find ways to help you get ahead by allowing your assets to work for you and take advantage of volume discounts, reduce payables and meet seasonal demands. 

AFS funded a $3MM AR & Inventory revolver and an M&E T/L to a manufacturer and seller of rotational molded plastic products. THE RESULT: Funds were used to pay off the Company’s existing bank facility, provide funding for ongoing general working capital needs and to fund new business opportunities.

Asset Based Lending - Working Capital

We want to simplify the way you do business and help you get back to doing what you do best. Loosening the proverbial financial grip that lenders have on their clients, and providing more cost effective alternatives to expensive lines of credit and heavy-handed factoring deals is why ABL is such an effective funding strategy.

Whether looking for capital to satisfy payroll or an influx of cash to combat market fluctuations, AFS can put your assets to work by creating custom lending solutions to support the capital requirements of your business in a timeline that's suitable for your needs.

Don't let assets just sit on your balance sheet, put them to work for you today. 

AFS funded a $5MM AR revolver to a private equity owned Midwest based full-service courier company that provides parcel delivery to customers throughout the country. THE RESULT: AFS worked with the Company’s mezzanine lender to tailor a customized financing solution that provides working capital support in the near-term and a stretch capability to support long-term growth vis-a-vis the Company’s planned expansions & target acquisitions.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Accumulating accounts receivables shows you are making the sale, but payment terms can crush a business that doesn't have excess cash on hand. AFS can accelerate your cash flow by lending money against these future payments so you can continue to grow your business to the next level. 

AFS funded a $6MM AR & Inventory revolver and M&E T/L to a private equity owned full-service custom automation and manufacturing company that services the medical and life sciences, consumer goods, and aerospace markets. THE RESULT: Funds from the new credit facility were used to complete the private equity’s recapitalization and fund ongoing working capital, in addition to financing the company’s strong backlog of new orders.

Inventory Financing

Inventory is much more than just a finished product or raw materials in a warehouse, it's an untapped asset that can be leveraged to secure funds when a business needs it most. Whether taking advantage of a great deal on a new product or gearing up for a busy sales season, use your inventory to do more than simply collect dust. Brush it off and put it to work for you, utilizing AFS's financing products. 

AFS funded a $10MM A/R & Inventory revolver and Equipment T/L to a manufacturer of mattresses and bedsprings with a national presence. THE RESULT: AFS maximized the Company’s assets to free up additional capital for support in the next phase of its growth trajectory.

Equipment Financing

Equipment is the workhorse of any business. Choosing the right equipment can make all the difference when you're looking to reduce costly errors and create greater efficiencies to improve the way you do business and grow market share. Allow this workhorse to do double duty for you by leveraging the value of your equipment collateral to help support your working capital requirements.

AFS funded a $12.4MM revolving Credit Facility with an M&E Term Loan to a leading U.S. based manufacturer of precision machined components for the aerospace, defense, medical and commercial industries. THE RESULT: The facility was used to refinance the Company’s existing senior debt and will support its ongoing working capital needs and growth plans.

Stretch Financing

 Business is unpredictable and as daily working capital needs fluctuate, having access to credit ensures you rest easy knowing your commitments are being met and your business can continue to run seamlessly.

During these unexpected ups and downs, you may find yourself lacking the financing coverage your business requires. That's when AFS can stretch beyond traditional ABL to bridge the financial gaps and smooth out the rocky path to success.